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    Last Exit Before You're

    Off The Grid

    1 M, 30s; 1 F, late 20s

    Script sample


    Set on a patch of desert on the outskirts of The Grid, a suicidal drifter's encounter with an armed hermit living in the trash sets them both on a path for self-preservation.


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    Finalist at the Act One: One Act 2017 Short Play Festival

    The Secret Theatre, Long Island City, New York

    Produced by J. Lasky Productions

    Directed by Jessica Schechter

    Starring Rafa Perez and Buket Gulbeyaz





    Mend the Envelope:

    A One-Act Play

    1 M, 1 F; early-mid 30s

    On the dawn of the anniversary of their son’s funeral, a husband and wife confront their grief, heartache, and religious beliefs in order to reclaim their crippled love.


    November 12, 14, and 15, 2015

    The Jewel Box Theater at the Workshop Theater, New York City

    The Midtown Fall International Theater Festival

    Produced by J. Lasky Productions

    Directed by Jessica Schechter

    Starring Brittany Belinski and Nicholas Calhoun


    Premiered September 21, 2015

    The Hudson Guild Theater, New York City.

    The Thespis Theater Festival

    Produced by J. Lasky Productions

    Directed by Cihangir "G" Duman

    Starring Brittany Belinski and Andy Phillips


    Published in QU Literary Journal, January 2016




    Review- Theater Beyond Broadway:

    Facta Non Verba:

    A Ten-Minute Play

    1 M, early 30s; 1 M, early 60s

    A legendary CEO of a multinational company combats his young successor to determine whose name will withstand the ravages of time.


    First presented April 22-23 2015 at the April Event at Manhattan Repertory Theatre, New York City.

    Produced by J. Lasky Productions

    Directed by Brandon Stock

    Starring Byron Hagan and JR O'Handley

    (Excerpts from) Manifold '15

    1 M, 2 F; late 20s-early 30s

    A handful of millennials speak about their inability to make connections with each other, eventually leading to questions of how to identify themselves.


    Presented June 21, 2014 at the Blooming Arts Festival in New York City.

    Produced by J. Lasky Productions

    Directed by Brandon Stock


    A Full-Length Tragicomedy

    2 M, early 30s; 1 F*, early 30s; 1 F*, early 20s; 2M/F; 20s


    *Idealy transgendered actors

    Christie Koletto’s marriage to Julian has hit a major roadblock thanks to her inability to satisfy his desire to expand the family. As he pushes the issue and begins to lead a secret life, Christie continues her own double life. Sylvester, a charming stranger going through a major transition, enters Christie’s world hoping to be her man. A twist of fate will bring all three people together, calling into question their sense of identity, and their lives will never be the same again.


    Premiered June 15 and 20th, 2014 at Strictly Designers United, Shanghai.

    Co-written by Svetlana Lasky

    Directed by Jason Lasky

    Produced by J. Lasky Productions & Shanghai LGBT


    A staged reading was presented February 6, 2015 at the Brooklyn LGBT Community Center, New York City.




    The Lifeguard:

    A One-Act Play

    1 M; late 20s-early 30s

    A former lifeguard seeks refuge in the company of a stranger and a few beers, confiding in him the series of events that led him to this darkest of days.


    Premiered June 3, 2012, at Anken Green, Shanghai.

    Produced by 5th Wall Theater

    Directed by Jason Lasky
    Starring Ivan Batischev, Alexander M. Lydon & Vivienne Yu He

    Sons of Liberty:

    A Full-length Play

    4 M, 1 F; late 20s-early 30s

    If you had unprecedented access to classified networks fourteen hours a day, seven days a week, for eight-plus months... what would you do?

    Grounded in real-life events, Sons of Liberty focuses on one writer’s attempt to understand the central figures and the moral quagmire that has enveloped the world as a result of the Wikileaks scandal that began in 2010. During his investigation, the writer is also forced to battle his own demons, leaving the audience wondering what is real and who is to be trusted.


    Premiered June 3, 2012 at Anken Green, Shanghai.

    Produced by 5th Wall Theater

    Directed by Jason Lasky

    Ferry Transfer:

    A Ten-Minute Play

    2 M- 30s; 2 F, 7-8 years old and mid-20s

    One early morning onboard the Staten Island Ferry, an anxious and penniless father has one chance to convince his "lady friend" to take care of his young daughter before his loan sharks come to collect.


    Presented June 2011 as a staged reading at Shanghai Repertory Theater's Creative Collaborators Competition.

    Produced by Shanghai Repertory Theater



    Marriage Counseling:

    Three Sessions

    A One-Act Play

    (in Three Variations)

    1 M, 2 F; late 20s-early 30s

    An expat housewife comes into her living room in the middle of the night to find her distraught husband waving a gun around, and their carefully constructed marriage devolves into chaos as each penetrates the other's web of lies.


    Presented in three 'sessions' that explore variations on the same story through the lenses of a heterosexual couple, a lesbian couple, and a movement piece that utilizes Muay Thai Boxing and modern dance elements.


    First presented November 14-16 2008 at the River South Arts Center, Shanghai.

    Produced by 5th Wall Theater

    Directed by Michael Ouyang

    Written by 5th Wall Theater Ensemble

    Starring Jenevieve Chang, Jason Lasky, Noemi Preiswerk, and Tomer Oz.


    Festival Closing performance at the 2009 Jue Arts and Music Festival in Beijing and Shanghai.

    Starring Jenevieve Chang, Jason Lasky, Lucy Brydon, and Tomer Oz.



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