Artistic Statement


    "Sometimes one can get so lost in dreams that reality is almost another realm."


    Through others, one is able to see himself for who and what he truly is, even if it's only for the briefest of moments... and then the mirror breaks.


    About Me


    My plays, published and otherwise, have lived in various forms on three continents and have been translated into Chinese and Russian.


    I have taught and led workshops in international and local schools and theatres in China, Kenya, Russia, and Armenia. I currently teach IB DP Theatre and English Literature and Performance at UWC Dilijan College.


    I have appeared on stage, in film, and in video game voice-overs in the UK, US, and China during the last decade.


    I hold an M.Ed. in IB Education from Oakland University, have studied at the Actors Studio Drama School, and am currently completing my MFA in Stage and Screenwriting at the New Hampshire Institute of Art.



  • News- May 2019

    Current Project

    40 Days of Night

    A collaborative theater and cultural exchange project in Murmansk, Russia

    that will yield a new full-length play.

    Made possible with Theater Communications Group's

    Global Connections: On the Road Grant

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