• J. Lasky Productions

    J. Lasky Productions is the brainchild of Jason and Svetlana Lasky, equal partners in the company's mission to create theatrical feats that defy political, social, sexual and ideological boundaries through international collaboration and cooperation.


    To date, J. Lasky Productions has created and staged work in China, the United States, Russia and Kenya. Currently, J. Lasky Productions is based in Armenia.


    Their current project, 40 Days of Night, can be viewed here and here.

    The Experiment: See-Act-Share

    A new theatre workshop designed by J. Lasky Productions. It consists of a three-part exercise that speeds up the establishment of a strong personal connection between two actors off the stage for the purpose of creating a truthful relationship on the stage. This is especially useful if there is limited time to prepare a production.


    Click the picture above to see photos from our afternoon with the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography.


    If you would like to bring this unique workshop to your school or institution, please email J. Lasky Productions for scheduling and pricing.

    Invitation letter to the 35th Annual International Theater Institute World Congress

    Shanghai Soundpainting Ensemble

    Through an international collaboration with world-class musicians, actors and dancers, Soundpainting made its China debut on July 3, 2014- the 40th anniversary of the art's inception.  Over 5 sold-out nights, the ensemble- led by live composer Jason Lasky- explored Anger, Love, Fear, Joy and Enlightenment. 




    "Portraits in Sound"

    "Unbounded freedom collision art"

    "Tone painted art theater"

    Armenian Soundpainting Ensemble

    The Armenian Soundpainting Ensemble made its debut in November 2017. The ensemble- led by live composer Jason Lasky- was a partnership built between UWC Dilijan College and the Dilijan Music College. Click the image above to watch.

    The Seeds of New Armenia

    A 2018 UWC Dilijan College Theatre production commemorating the Armenian Genocide. Written by UWC Dilijan students

    Featuring the Vanadzor Ladies Choir

    Directed by Jason and Svetlana Lasky​

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