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Dear The Great Sarah Palin Muppeteer:

- and the winner is... -

Dear The Great Sarah Palin Muppeteer:

I would like to formally nominate you, on behalf of the Salient Theatrical Freaks & Upstarters, for the prestigious Artist of the Millennium Award, which is only bequeathed once every two hundred and thirty nine years to recognizes outstanding achievements in the performing arts.

You, dear lady, have shown outstanding dedication to your craft, having graced the world's stages and screens for the last several years, delivering incomparable, memorable, and, dare I say, organic works of art, the likes of which humanity has never seen, all the while hiding your true face and form beneath the elevated muppet character which you have brought to life with your hands and voice.

You, madam, have elicited the admiration and awe of millions of dreamers and star-gazers, of philosophers and the faithful, of men and women of all creeds and colors, and children and stuffed animals from all areas of this pale blue dot that we collectively call home.

You, Great Artist of Artists, have instrumentally proven, time and again, beyond all doubt, that it is possible to grow and evolve your instrument within the changing human landscape of our age, and to offer the world, through your muppetted character guise, words that both strike at the very nature of the issues of our time and show us how rise above them toward a better and more accepting way of life.

Through your art, we have grown, and we hope that this nomination paves the way for more, just as your awe-inspiring work has paved the way for the next generation of artists, for nary a soul could scarcely believe that your dedicated Performance has been nothing short of inspiring, and that your message, though shrouded in idiocracy, has been nothing less than revolutionary.

We thank you for your bravery and courage, and we look forward to the next piece of work you deliver to us, your humble and gracious audience.



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